Friday, 28 November 2008 brings water-cooler chats live!

With the expansion of the corporate world with offices spanning across cities and countries, the scope of water cooler chats and corporate gossips are now limited to team members. This is further restricted if the team/individual is working offsite or is afraid of disclosing his identity while participating in these discussions.

Being a part of the expanding corporate world, there would have been times where you would have come across situation where you were the last to hear about office gossips such as mergers, job-cuts, office romance, new joinees, etc. or you had some hot news that you wanted to share it but were afraid to be the first one or be named.

To fill this gap, CorporateGrapevine launches the world's first corporate social networking website. This website allows user to get membership access to public forums and restricted (private members only) forums for each of the companies that they subscribe to.

Each company has a Hot Talk section where members can share and spread corporate grapevines, gossips, hear say etc. The user has the flexibility to post these by either disclosing or masking their identity. Each gossips can be discussed and rated by the other users of the Company as a fact or a bluff.

"Because of flexibility of anonymous postings, we encourage people to share all kinds of gossip on CorporateGrapevine," explains Vishal. "Hot Talk pages is an easy way for the users to interact with each other and learn things they would not otherwise know."

The Soft Talk section would act more like the corporate blackboard with everyday chit-chat, general discussions, news of interest or problem solving. The website also provides add-on functionalities such as corporate announcements, upcoming events, internal/external job postings and online document library.

CorporateGrapevine further extends the networking opportunities by allowing users, such as vendors, investors, past employees, prospective employees, professionals working on deputation, etc, to join up to 3 companies.

Unlike other social networking sites, CorporateGrapevine primary focus is on corporate social networking for employees within a company.

Visit to learn more and get connected to what’s going on in your organisation!

About CorporateGrapevine

CorporateGrapevine helps you connect through an invisible flow of gossips and rumours by weaving through all levels within an organisation. It is an online community of professionals who share gossips and their thoughts about anything and everything happening across organizations and industries. For more information, visit

Vishal, Co-Founder
Anshuman, Co-Founder

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